Carrot Cake.

Festive times are right around the corner and to start off the celebration on a minor scale  – we have this semi festive carrot cake. Its a simple carrot  cake, mixed in with fruit peels and spices . Its perfect for serving up with hot coffee , sliced up into squares.  Happy festivities everyone!

Blue Cake.

A perfect birthday cake with layers of mocha and vanilla sandwiched with vanilla buttercream . It’s a pretty little blue cake to celebrate a little one’s  birthday . I am pretty happy with the look of the cake and the birthday girl is indeed happy. Good day everyone😄!  

Simple Fruit Cake.

This is the perfect cake for all those planning to make a Christmas cake, the previous day of Christmas Eve . It’s a simple cake with no alcohol soaked fruits, hence it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. It’s filled with a mixture of dry fruits, almonds and spices and it can be made […]

Pecan Spice Cake.

Pecan Spice Cake

I was not  getting enough sugar rush with all the chocolates and sweets that I have been munching on this festive  season. So I thought to celebrate my friend’s  birthday with cake a that’s appropriate for this time by adding all the spices and even more sugar to satisfy the need of the festive time( […]

Cranberry upside~down mini cakes.

Cranberry upside~down mini cakes

This is the time of the year when fresh cranberries are available abundantly, and for those of you who cant get hold of fresh/dried cranberries ;any other fruit like pineapple, banana etc. would be perfect for this recipe.  The sponge alone is a treat for oneself and an elegant dessert to serve for a tea party. Happy […]

‘Reese’ chocolate cupcake!

Chocolate cupcakes with reese peanut butter cups in the centre.   Ingredients: 1/2 a stick of butter 1/4 cup olive oil 3/4 cup dark brown sugar 3 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup of chocolate almond milk 1 3/4 cup all purpose flour 4 teaspoon cocoa powder A teaspoon baking powder A pinch of salt. […]

Chocochip~Banana Muffin.

Banana bread is becoming a staple in my house now, it’s tasty , easy to bake and much more healthy than store bought one. Even though this recipe is not very healthy , it’s a  little treat to the child inside you -who doesn’t like Chocochip and banana 😳😆). Fast and simple banana muffins made […]